Valet Trash Services in Sandy Springs & Atlanta, GA


Your residents want to be proud of where they live, Tidy Janitorial Service controlling the waste stream on your property is critical to keeping your property aesthetically pleasing, and green. When partnering with us, you will immediately realize onsite improvements; trash will no longer be out during leasing.

Hours, drips and stains are virtually eliminated, recycling participation increases, pest and insects are reduced, and dumpster and compactor areas are cleaner.


We serve as a committed partner and not a vendor. Entering a partnership with Tidy Janitorial Service will allow us to work together to enhance your community’s asset value, increase your net operating income,  lower service staff payroll, and create operational efficiencies. We strive to be the nation’s leading provider of the only amenity that touches 100% of your residents from day one. Providing an exceptional living  experience for your residents is a must in today’s competitive market place. Our waste management solutions are easy to implement into the largest portfolios as well as smaller privately owned or managed communities. Your community will have a dedicated and professional district manager that is both familiar with your staff and property. Your brand is our #1 consideration, and our goal as your partner is to maintain an unparalleled standard of service. We work around the clock to ensure that both management and residents are satisfied with the service that we provide.


A trash valet service is rated the #1 amenity by residents nationwide and has become a standard feature of amenity packages in the top apartment communities. TIDY Janitorial is the revolutionary doorstep waste and recycling company for multi-family communities. Our clean cut, uniformed TIDY Janitorial will maintain the cleanliness of your community while picking up bagged trash and recyclables from your residents’ door.

How our trash valet works?

  1. We supply lightweight, durable and, leak-resistant trash cans for each resident to use in their home. At your community’s designated service times, residents simply leave their secured bag of waste in the containers outside their doorstep Sunday-Thursday evenings, and we take care of the rest.
  2. Our highly trained, background-checked, uniformed service team member removes the trash from each unit and places it in on-site dumpsters and or compactor. They always double-check each area ensuring all containers have been emptied.
  3. Residents can bring their cans back inside before 9:00 am. That’s It!