Professional Janitorial Cleaning

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services by Tidy Janitorial Service

Today, due to increased pollution and infections, outsourcing janitorial cleaning services is very common. People are more focused on their personal and official tasks which cannot be done by others. So, they plan to out-source professional janitorial cleaning service providers. With the increased use of disposables, plastics etc the commercial malls and offices need valet-trash services daily. They tie-up professionally skilled and licensed janitorial cleaning company to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the premises.

Indoor And Outdoor Cleaning

The cleaning process is mainly outdoor and indoor. The outdoor cleaning includes the sweeping of walkways, mowing of lawns, shovelling the snow, etc. These tasks take away the whole day and thus the cleaning companies need to employ skilled staff with tools to do the task in less time. 

The indoor cleaning includes the cleaning of rooms, bathrooms and kitchen etc. This job is usually physically demanding and sometimes dirty and unpleasant. But, this is very necessary to protect the premises from Pathogens. There are different types of strong and mild detergent and disinfectants used for different areas like the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. These areas are most prone to germs and infections, so a different variety of disinfectant is used in the cleaning of these areas.

Traditional cleaning methods are not efficient enough to kill and destroy germs. Janitorial service providers use special detergents and phenyls for different types of cleaning. Todays, decontamination and disinfectant practices are more cost-effective and result-oriented. They clean hospital surfaces to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases among the patients. This is done by using different techniques to kill different types of pathogens. They divide the cleaning areas into high-risk areas and low-risk areas to make the task easier for their staff.

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