Why You Need Professional Janitorial Cleaners For Your Commercial Premises?

Today, people are investing huge amounts in renovations and in beautifying interiors and exteriors of their offices and commercial places. Every corner is taken into consideration while designing the interior and the exterior of a facility. Cleaning such a beautifully decorated facility is a very difficult task. Sometimes it becomes difficult to clean the premises daily. There are several other areas in the offices and commercial places that need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infections and deterioration.

The Areas That Need Special Cleaning In Commercial Premises

Commercial, medical and other facilities which include continuous trespassing and coming & going of people throughout the day, should be cleaned regularly.

The Carpet Cleaning

The carpet attracts dirt and dust very fast and its weaving holds these bacterias and other sources of infections. Carpets cannot be cleaned daily, but they should be cleaned every week. You need a professionally trained person to clean carpets as a lack of knowledge could damage the carpet. There is a special technique to clean different types of carpets. The trained staff at carpet cleaning Atlanta is skilled to handle all kinds of carpet cleaning strategies.

The Window Cleaning

Windows are door-way for fresh air and sunlight, but they also let-in dirt and dust. It is essential to clean the windows from both sides to enjoy the look outside. A cleaned window will reflect the sun-rays and will give more heat as compared tom the uncleaned window. If not cleaned properly they might spoil the interior of the house. It is easier to clean the window from inside but what about the outside? You need to tie up with services like window cleaning Atlanta to get a regular and thorough cleaning of your windows. Cleaned windows will be a source of natural light thus reducing the energy costs bills on your pocket.

The Conclusion:

It is necessary to hire the services of commercial cleaning services Atlanta GA, as they are experienced in this line and will do the job quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. Professional cleaning agencies like Tidy Janitorial service use pressure-washing and other techniques to clean the windows to remove hard pollutants sticking on the panes. They use special tools for cleaning the carpets and then they are dried using several different techniques. So, one should rely on professional cleaners to maintain their commercial facilities.

We Know What Your Carpets Need To Glow!

Big malls and commercial facilities are designed keeping in mind the look and the weather conditions of the city. Today, almost every floor is covered with expensive carpets to maintain the look and of course to keep the interiors warm during harsh winters. Though these carpets are a very important part of the interior of the room but maintaining them is a hectic task for the facility owners. Commercial premises like malls, hotels, hospitals and offices face a lot of foot-falls and thus need to be maintained regularly. You need a team of dedicated cleaners to vacuum clean it regularly.

Different Cleaning Plans For Different Types Of Carpets

A good professional janitorial services provider knows the techniques to clean different kinds of carpets in the most effective way to maximize the life of the carpet along with cleaning and making it look fresh. There are some most common types of carpet cleaning techniques used by the commercial janitorial cleaning services. 

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

By choosing this kind of commonly known as the steam carpet cleaning process, you are sure to get a deeply cleaned and dried carpet to add a fresh air in your room. Here high-pressure hot water is used to dissolve the dirt in the carpet. For spot-cleaning, soft cleaning agents are used for cleaning the stain.

Carpet Shampooing

This is the traditional way of cleaning carpets. This is not so common as it leaves the carpet with lots of foam. Water is stored in the carpet for a longer time. This generally damages the carpet.

Encapsulation For Carpet Cleaning

This is the most appreciated form of carpet cleaning nowadays. In this, the synthetic detergent is used to clean the dust and stains. The loosened dust particles from the carpet fibre dry up as powder and are easily removed by a vacuum cleaner or a brush when dry. It uses very less water and thus the drying up takes lesser time than other processes.

Bonnet Cleaning

In this, a machine is used to remove the dirt and dust from the carpet. A light cleaning solution is used to clean the upper surface of the carpet with perfection and the machine absorbs the dirt and water instantly leaving the carpet glowing.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

It is the most adapted technology to clean carpets with the help of machines and special cleaning agents. No water is used in the process.

Tidy Janitorial Service has skilled and trained professionals for carpet cleaning sandy springs.

Are You Planning To Renew Your Janitorial Cleaning Contract?

Today, with the increasing pollution, we are getting more prone to infections and several dangerous diseases. To pace up with the current scenario, it becomes very necessary to keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques used for cleaning. There are several techniques and processes prevalent for office and commercial cleaning. In today’s hectic schedule, it becomes very difficult to maintain the cleanliness of your premises on your own. There are several office cleaning companies available to take care of all daily and periodic cleaning of your facilities.

Working in clean and hygienic premises not only enhances your productivity but also keeps you physically and mentally fit. Offices and commercial areas are more prone to dangerous infections due to the continuous trespassing of outsiders and strangers. Malls and commercial places are heavy traffic zones. Here a daily and continuous cleaning is to be maintained to keep the premises hygienic and fresh. Here you need an official contract with the professional janitorial services.

Here are a few tips to check weather your cleaner is up to scratch or not.

1. Make a LIst of Your Office Cleaning Requirements

Firstly, you need to create a list of inclusions in your janitorial cleaning contract. This list should include, carpets, curtains, toilets cleaning services which are a must to maintain the facility. This could vary from person to person or business to business. For example, a hospital needs a vigorous cleaning and fumigation as compared to an office.

2. Keep a Track of Their Check-in and Check-out Timings

You need to check whether the cleaners are coming and going on time or not, as this also affects the cleaning in the future. This the most basic way to record their absence and presence.

3. Review Your Current Cleaning Contract

Sometimes, you need to evaluate before switching over to a new Janitorial cleaning option. So, just sit and review your current or old cleaning contract and compare it with the new one.

4. Survey The Quote and Compare The Tools Used

You need to compare both the quotes considering all the pros and cons before the renewal of the contract. Comparing the tools used for cleaning is a very important task. This is very necessary as sometimes toxins used in cleaning are harmful to the children and infants. The disinfectants used should be decided while keeping in mind the level of infection or pollution on the premises.

5. Make Your Decision.

After all this homework you need to decide and pitch the plan.

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services by Tidy Janitorial Service

Today, due to increased pollution and infections, outsourcing janitorial cleaning services is very common. People are more focused on their personal and official tasks which cannot be done by others. So, they plan to out-source professional janitorial cleaning service providers. With the increased use of disposables, plastics etc the commercial malls and offices need valet-trash services daily. They tie-up professionally skilled and licensed janitorial cleaning company to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the premises.

Indoor And Outdoor Cleaning

The cleaning process is mainly outdoor and indoor. The outdoor cleaning includes the sweeping of walkways, mowing of lawns, shovelling the snow, etc. These tasks take away the whole day and thus the cleaning companies need to employ skilled staff with tools to do the task in less time. 

The indoor cleaning includes the cleaning of rooms, bathrooms and kitchen etc. This job is usually physically demanding and sometimes dirty and unpleasant. But, this is very necessary to protect the premises from Pathogens. There are different types of strong and mild detergent and disinfectants used for different areas like the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. These areas are most prone to germs and infections, so a different variety of disinfectant is used in the cleaning of these areas.

Traditional cleaning methods are not efficient enough to kill and destroy germs. Janitorial service providers use special detergents and phenyls for different types of cleaning. Todays, decontamination and disinfectant practices are more cost-effective and result-oriented. They clean hospital surfaces to reduce the risk of transmission of diseases among the patients. This is done by using different techniques to kill different types of pathogens. They divide the cleaning areas into high-risk areas and low-risk areas to make the task easier for their staff.