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Are You Planning To Renew Your Janitorial Cleaning Contract?

Today, with the increasing pollution, we are getting more prone to infections and several dangerous diseases. To pace up with the current scenario, it becomes very necessary to keep ourselves updated with the latest techniques used for cleaning. There are several techniques and processes prevalent for office and commercial cleaning. In today’s hectic schedule, it becomes very difficult to maintain the cleanliness of your premises on your own. There are several office cleaning companies available to take care of all daily and periodic cleaning of your facilities.

Working in clean and hygienic premises not only enhances your productivity but also keeps you physically and mentally fit. Offices and commercial areas are more prone to dangerous infections due to the continuous trespassing of outsiders and strangers. Malls and commercial places are heavy traffic zones. Here a daily and continuous cleaning is to be maintained to keep the premises hygienic and fresh. Here you need an official contract with the professional janitorial services.

Here are a few tips to check weather your cleaner is up to scratch or not.

1. Make a LIst of Your Office Cleaning Requirements

Firstly, you need to create a list of inclusions in your janitorial cleaning contract. This list should include, carpets, curtains, toilets cleaning services which are a must to maintain the facility. This could vary from person to person or business to business. For example, a hospital needs a vigorous cleaning and fumigation as compared to an office.

2. Keep a Track of Their Check-in and Check-out Timings

You need to check whether the cleaners are coming and going on time or not, as this also affects the cleaning in the future. This the most basic way to record their absence and presence.

3. Review Your Current Cleaning Contract

Sometimes, you need to evaluate before switching over to a new Janitorial cleaning option. So, just sit and review your current or old cleaning contract and compare it with the new one.

4. Survey The Quote and Compare The Tools Used

You need to compare both the quotes considering all the pros and cons before the renewal of the contract. Comparing the tools used for cleaning is a very important task. This is very necessary as sometimes toxins used in cleaning are harmful to the children and infants. The disinfectants used should be decided while keeping in mind the level of infection or pollution on the premises.

5. Make Your Decision.

After all this homework you need to decide and pitch the plan.

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